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Spending time with supportive, like-minded individuals locally and globally increases overall well-being and personal life satisfaction. Purpose is more easily discovered when practicing peaceful relationship. Surround yourself with those who encourage you to explore your talents and gifts.

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is your heart longing for “home” and “family”?

A New Earth begins in your heart at the heart of our home planet. It’s time to build it. Discovering joy-filled new meaning and purpose in your life is the heart and soul of being part of our growing New Earth family. Healthy community is built upon empowering one another to reach our highest potential through love and support, especially in the coming times. Join us locally, join us online. Subscribe to our Substack.

New Earth Declaration

Affirm the New Earth Declaration

An Abundant New Earth… Join our Substack global EcHo Community to discuss making food, water, shelter, healthcare, and education human birthrights.

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WWLDI EcHo.loc Communities

We’ll post information about local communities forming in your area and online via Substack. Meantime, join our global community so you don’t miss a thing!

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How do I . . .

rebuild inclusive heart-centered sustainable community where renewable natural resources are abundantly available so that all are able to thrive and fulfill their life’s purpose? In other words, how do I find my way back to the way we were intended to live, in joyful, purposeful living that is my birthright?

Meet Locally & globally

With an open heart we gather together to share good news, ideas, talents, gifts, and resources. We explore and discuss New Leadership guiding principles such as the New Earth Declaration and New Leadership Blueprint as a framework for a sustainable and regenerative New Earth. 


Our Bright Light Illuminates the Way. We are the New Earth. 

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If you ask most people, don’t you just want to live together peacefully as one big family? This is the natural order of life. We sense that all things are connected. We sense we have value and are a very necessary part of life.

Ec-Ho stands for (EC)ologically regenerative (HO)me community. Simply put, we choose love as the foundation for community which is regenerative and sustainability all in one. In other words, we are love in action.

We understand that our home planet is explosively abundant, providing all the resources for essential food, water, shelter, healthcare, and education for all making the Global Humanity New Earth Declaration a logical framework from with which to guide a New Earth from within horizontal leadership.

We come together to share good news, ideas, resources, and valuable information about environmentally sound and ethical products and services.

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Let’s build our brilliant future here now together. Be the change by starting right where you are: Discover and engage your inner genius.

Share your talents with the world which is mutually beneficial as you hone your skills to become a master in your area of expertise. Mastery provides you the freedom to make your passion your vocation and live and work where you wish. It’s your time to thrive!

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Global Humanity New Earth Declaration
New Leadership Blueprint


Coming together, we create healthy eco-communities, locally and globally, to do what we can’t do alone so that good trickles up.

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A New Earth requires the realization that each one of us has an essential role to fulfill to lead humanity into a new era of true equality and prosperity.

- Awakening Leadership

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