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We were gifted paradise. The building blocks for essential Shelter, Food, Water, Healthcare, and Education are provided freely on planet Earth. Shouldn’t humankind mirror Natural Design by ensuring Renewable Resources are stewarded responsibly for the good of the planet and all life so basic human needs are met without struggle? This changes everything!

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Awakening Leaders

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Your Brilliant Future
Here Now

Human evolution is undergoing a shift so profound;
the proof can be seen with the naked eye.

This shift is causing millennia-old beliefs, social structures, and
institutions to be scrutinized like never before—perhaps
for the very first time.

Those who remain mired in separation consciousness
will continue to struggle.

For ones awakening in Unity Consciousness, peace, harmony,
and prosperity are yours amidst the chaos.

There are entire nations now living cooperatively, sustainably, and
peacefully, evolving far ahead of nations still locked in
self-limiting competition paradigms.

Are you awakening?

Your future lies within the answer to that question NOW.

Where are you in your evolution?

What will this mean for our social systems,
science, religion, technology?

Your Brilliant Future
Here Now


“If Creation’s, therefore Earth’s, prime directive is its perpetuity, then the universal guiding principle is sustainability. In the New Leadership Blueprint, sustainability becomes the all-inclusive compass that redefines morality, values, the way we care for one another and the planet.”

Awakening Leadership


Adopt sustainability (love in action) as a unifying, cross-cultural singular super-value that resolves all systemic social, economical, and political divisiveness so that essential shelter, food, water, healthcare, and education as renewable natural resources are accessible for all.


Apply heart-centered critical thinking skills that easily discern whether constructs are rooted in separation or unity consciousness. Discard paradigms originating in separation consciousness that are not sustainable. Support one another via cooperative resourcing.


Critical Thinking Skills Rooted in Sustainability Bust through Gridlock

We can immediately weaken gridlock by realizing that all human/social constructs contain both pros and cons, or positive and negative benefits. This can be mutually agreed upon. Rather than focusing on disagreements or grievances, where most arguments digress and remain lost in separation consciousness, launch with where you do agree. This is unity consciousness. Beginning harmoniously creates more of the same, whereas divisiveness creates divisiveness. This is Universal Law.

Critical Thinking Skills Graph

The greater the positive number on the horizontal axis, the larger the number of people being served. Loss of life or environmental destruction would be a negative benefit.

If the social issue or decision you are making is not immediately clear, hovering more closely toward the middle, includes negative benefits, non-sustainability, or if destruction is involved, resultant instability will lead to the construct’s demise later on. The greater the negative benefits of any social construct, the more safety nets and support must be provided to offset negativity. This is sustainability in action.


New Leadership Blueprint Sustainability Grid
New Leadership Blueprint
Global Humanity New Earth Declaration


Coming together, we create healthy eco-communities, locally and globally, to do what we can’t do alone so that good trickles up.

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A New Earth requires the realization that each one of us has an essential role to fulfill to lead humanity into a new era of true equality and prosperity.

- Awakening Leadership

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