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"Rooted in the vision of the Garden of Eden, In the Garden Publishing understands that Nature works together in a state of cooperation rather than competition, when viewed from a state of Wholeness. It is in this Wholeness that humanity can return to the Garden of Eden, living a world centered in love."

~ Christine Horner, Founder

As the publishing arm of What Would Love Do Int'l, In the Garden Publishing was created with this in mind.

Living from the Heart-Center
We collaborate with those who hold and desire to share in the delight of the fullness of all that life has to offer. We express this way of life in our thoughts and in our words, which then extends to a beautiful physical expression of Life.

The itgP Family
Authors enter in a partnership with itgP. You become family. Help us to be the change we wish to see. Come home to yourself and create Heaven on Earth.

As a reader and writer, you've discovered your inner guru.
Conscious Community and brilliant minds unite. Together, what can we create?

Our Mission Statement
In the Garden Publishing is dedicated to the advancement of human consciousness and creating conscious community.





Christine is the founder of What Would Love Do Int'l and its media company In the Garden Publishing. After writing the YES, LOVE CAN! Initiative featuring the Global Humanity Bill of Rights, it became apparent her message is one of creating Heaven on Earth.

She is author of What is God? Rolling Back the Veil and The Gift. Visit her author website at:


in the garden Pulbishing

Submission Guidelines

  • Please review our areas of interest.
  • Industry standard query letter with synopsis and statement of writing style. For non-fiction, include
    a chapter outline.
  • The first three chapters in standard manuscript format, observing MLA or Chicago style and punctuation and using Times New Roman, 12 point.
  • If you include a later chapter, please provide context for its inclusion.
  • NOTE: We are not accepting proposals for channeled works or quotation books.
"Heaven on Earth isn't just a beautiful wish. It is our natural state. It is what was created for us. Let us be the change we wish to see in the world by remembering our true nature."


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